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SureBooks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SureBooks FAQ

Module Demonstration Versions

Demonstration versions of the modules are available by selecting the appropriate module product information page from the Home or Products tabs and then clicking on the associated hyperlink to run the application

Note: all the demonstration versions are 'read only' and updates to the data are not allowed

The Trial Period

A SureBooks Trial Period is a FREE period (currently 30 days) which allows you to enter and update you data in the normal way in order to evaluate the system using real data.

The SureBooks Trial Period operates in exactly the same way as the Subscription version of the program, however, in order to continue once the expiry date has been reached you must Subscribe to the modules you want to use.

Should you Subscribe before your Trial Period has expired the Subscription will only take effect after the Trial Period expiry date and will have no impact on your Free Trial Period

If you have not Subscribed once your SureBooks Trial Period has ended you will be given the opportunity to Subscribe for a further 8 weeks and if no Subscption is made then eventually your Trial data will be removed from the system

(Note: removing your Trial data from the system is a permanent process)

How To Subscribe

In order to subscribe you must have first chosen a Trial Period. When a Trial Period is chosen a user login is setup which allows you to access your chosen modules in the system

  • Go to the Registration tab and Login
  • Once you have logged go to the Registration tab and select Change Subscription under the Right Hand Side Menu
The Change Subscription option allows a new Subscription to be setup or existing options to be changed.
  • Select the module options you wish to Subscribe to or change
  • Enter your credit card details

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